The Role of SEO in Internet Marketing

Over the last few years, the role of SEO in digital marketing has become very important. In fact, as long as a business wants to have its presence online, it must use SEO. This is why it is important to understand SEO internet marketing.

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In this post, we explain the role SEO plays in internet marketing. Before we do that, let’s briefly explain what SEO means.

Explaining SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This is simply a set of rules or protocol that makes websites rank high on search engines like Google.

Search engines have bots that screen web pages daily to investigate content. The reason for this is so that they can provide relevant content as search results. In this post, we will focus more on Google as we discuss SEO internet marketing. This is because Google is by far the most important search engine there is at the moment.

Before Google ranks your website, there are several factors it takes into consideration. Some of these factors include technical SEO or keyword usage, content quality, backlinks, and user experience. It is simple, the higher your website ranks, the more clicks it is likely to get.

What Role Does SEO Play in Internet Marketing?

This is one question that many business owners seek an answer to. Your main aim is to attract as many potential customers to your company as possible. This exactly is what SEO internet marketing does for you. It strives to make your brand famous on search engines which will, in turn, attract new customers.

To enjoy the benefits of SEO, you must implement certain strategies in building your website and creating content. This way, when a potential customer searches a query related to your field, you pop up. Here’s a clear example of how SEO influences your internet marketing.

Let’s say your website appears on the sixth or tenth pages after a Google search. The potential customer is likely not going to find you. This is because most people hardly make it past the first or second pages.

However, if you are among the first few results on the first page, you are going to get more patronage. Do you now see why you need to invest in SEO? The more efficient you are with SEO, the more customers you will attract to your brand.

Benefits of SEO Internet Marketing

There are so many benefits you enjoy from using SEO efficiently. We have already shown you the importance of ranking high on Google. Let’s see other benefits that SEO brings to the table.

Increases brand awareness

With better or more efficient SEO efforts on your website, you attract more traffic. The more traffic you attract, the more customers know about your brand.

This exposure that your brand enjoys goes beyond your immediate locality. It spreads to different locations around the globe. Want to make your brand recognized across borders? Invest more in SEO.

Improves user experience on your website

One of the factors Google considers when ranking websites is user experience. How much ease do customers enjoy while surfing through your webpages? Does your website take ages to load and it is compatible with different screens?

In this case, Google wants its users to enjoy using websites that it suggests. As such, if your SEO is top-notch, you will attract more clients to your website. The more they visit your site, the higher you will rank.

This is one of the most important benefits of SEO internet marketing. The reason is that with your SEO in place, you do less work marketing your product

When people enter queries on Google, most times it is because they need a product or service. With your website popping up, they are likely to visit your page. From here, they are already half-convinced about patronizing you.

What this implies is that SEO attracts the prospects and you can focus on selling via your website. This is life made easy for you and your marketing team.

Makes website mobile-friendly

It is no secret that many people make more use of mobile devices these days. We are always on the move and rather than carry a PC about, we can work from our smartphones or tablets. What does this tell you?

One of the ranking criteria for websites is their mobile-friendliness or responsiveness. This is where SEO internet marketing comes in handy. It ensures that your website is responsive to different mobile interfaces.

The more responsive your website is, the more time people are likely to spend on it. This will also affect how high Google ranks your site. In the end, it is just one huge cycle.

Makes your website faster

The best way to explain this is by relating it to personal experience. Imagine you went on a website and it took ages to load. How long will you stay on that site?

This is exactly what happens when your SEO game is below par. Visitors will bounce from your page within a few seconds. Human beings are no longer as patient as they used to be.

Efficient SEO internet marketing helps your website load faster. This means that visitors enjoy a better user experience that keeps them here for longer. The happier they are with your website, the more likely they are to return or buy a product.

Types of SEO

Now that you know the role or SEO and the benefits of using it, let’s show you one more thing. In this section, we will show you the different types of SEO.

How would you like to increase your website rankings on Google SERP pages? There are three different types of SEO you can employ. They are:

On-page SEO

This involves seeking out relevant keywords and using them on your webpages. The benefit of this is that once a prospect searches for those keywords, your website pops up. On-page SEO focuses on high-quality content.

Off-page SEO

This type of SEO focuses on building a relationship between your website and other websites. It involves making use of backlinks so that other websites can link back to yours. This sort of relationship builds integrity for your website which also influences the rank.

Technical SEO

Just as the name implies, it focuses on the technical details of your website. In this case, we are talking about user experience. Several factors like speed, image quality, crawlability, site architecture, mobile-friendliness, etc. If you can achieve all of this on your website, then you’ll push up the rankings within a short time.

There are certain free tools that you can use to help your SEO strategy. Two of them include:

  • Google Search Console: This is a set of tools that helps you to monitor your web pages so that they rank better.
  • Google Keyword Planner: This helps you to search out relevant keywords that will help you develop better content.

Wrap Up

No one can deny the importance of SEO internet marketing to a business. We have shown you different benefits you stand to enjoy from using SEO on your websites. The best way to begin is by drawing up an efficient SEO plan.

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