Importance of Website Uptime Monitoring in Digital Marketing

Why do the world’s biggest websites like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Instagram have a quick resolution for their faulty services? Why do these platforms never go to halt and their website uptime is best? Do owners/ managers spend every minute of the day monitoring websites? It’s not complex, the answer to all these questions doesn’t increase the complexity of tasks or waste of bills.

Importance of Website Uptime Monitoring in Digital Marketing 1
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Digital marketing is growing in today’s era, reaching customers quickly and easily has never been easier. The global marketplace is full of tonnes of websites and servers, and those businesses are earning by relaxing. Marketing for those websites or the products on any of the platforms ensures effective reach and promotion. But do you think that after making an ad and placing it on the website, the work is over? And that there isn’t any monitoring and maintenance? The answer is “NO”. Monitoring website and maintenance ensures the uptime in those digital platforms, which ultimately ensures the reach of the company.

What happens if the website has effective Uptime Monitoring? How does it affect the digital marketing platform?

Nobody likes slow websites.

“If you are going to shop on a website and after spending hours on choosing products, you filled the cart and when you are about to check out the server is down. How would you feel? If that persists for a few more of the time when you reach the site. Would you still buy and trust that digital marketing platform?”

Akin to that, when a company markets its product on different websites, it pays huge amounts in the form of their advertising expenditures and expects the reach for their products. The ad carrier website is the medium to reach the actual website, both of these need to keep intact the website monitoring in their operations.

Impact of Website Uptime Monitoring on Business

Avoid Huge Traffic crash

Traffics on the websites are the reason for the crash. Whenever there is a new business launched and their IPO is made, most of them face the huge traffic which crashes the websites and leaves a negative impact. Website monitoring helps provide unusual traffic alerts to the company to let them have a backup through tools and web hosting companies so that website servers can handle the traffic and avoid the crash.

Security from Hackers Attack

When the website is down without even traffic then fraudulent attempts are major reasons. Hackers try to bring down the website by overloading servers with DDoS attacks, steal credentials, or inject malicious codes which bring the owners on the verge to shut the website, and ultimately the business is impacted. Uptime monitoring helps with monitoring of details and provides alert signals where proper action can be performed on the spot and website can be saved from shutting down.

Detecting Core of Problem

Website monitoring help detect the entire runtime process and effectively identifies the core of problem alert which saves them time and resolves the issue quickly. Keeping the system under constant review gives detailed reports for the bugs and malicious contents which can also build a secured path for the future.

Reduced Costs

Digital tools of website monitoring are effective and reduce costs as well. Physically watching at the codes and HTML scripts for the webpages for the crashes can take months for big platforms and incurs huge costs for the company to be paid to that person. It saves costs for human capital and also provides benefits by cutting costs of downtime with this effective prevention tool of uptime monitoring.

Satisfied Customers

When customers can click on the digital marketing ads and they can reach the website without any hindrance and their purpose of shopping or knowledge/ info gain is easier and quicker, then they are satisfied.

Increased associations

A website with effective uptime monitoring and website monitoring has 80% more chances of getting promotional ads from other digital platforms because those advertisers are paying which increases value for a brand (referred to the website). And in no time good relations, collaborations, and business clients are increased. Most of digital marketing is made on websites with 100% or similar uptimes. That is the reason that Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon are filled with digital advertisers and more than 70% of their revenue is accounted for from these activities. Such associations also help digital marketing platforms reach more customers as even a minute of downtime could have lost hundreds of thousands of customers in seasons.

Improved Brand Image

Brand image is also improved as digital marketing hubs are formed on the websites with better uptime monitoring,

Three Important Dimensions for Website Monitoring

The three important dimensions for the service quality of website monitoring are;

  1. Availability: It tells about the website whether it is up and running.
  2. Functionality: It ensures that the website is working correctly without defects.
  3. Speed: It tells about the speed of whether the website is fast or facing high ping rates due to any reason.
    These dimensions are the basic which every website is looking for website monitoring. Such are the important features whereas extras are the add-ons that increase satisfaction.

Super Monitoring” is one of the best available options for the websites. It has options for website monitoring, uptime monitoring, application monitoring, server monitoring, speed monitoring, and process monitoring.

Importance of Website Uptime Monitoring in Digital Marketing 2
Super Monitoring web interface
  • It ensures every minute checking for the website.
  • It detects the malfunction.
  • It notifies you in no time.
  • It minimizes the losses during the ad campaign.
  • It provides reports after confirming from multiple locations so no false alarms.
  • It has the option of subaccounts of employees and subcontractors.
  • It verifies the quality of hosting service using (SLA).

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