5 Key Ingredients for Fruitful Video Marketing Campaigns

With the evolution of digital marketing all around the globe, we cannot even now argue the fact that videos are better than text. That is the reason every small or big business is now focused on creating an effective video marketing strategy that will assist in enhancing the growth of the company.

Moreover, there is also no denying the fact that creating a fruitful video marketing campaign is also not a piece of cake. It requires constant effort, a good strategy, and insightful knowledge of video marketing.

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However, now the question arises, what exactly are the key ingredients that contribute to creating a successful video marketing campaign. To answer the same, this blog will effectively highlight the top 5 extraordinary elements that can assist you in making your video campaign a big hit. So, let’s dive right into the blog without further ado.

5 Unique Components of Successful Video Marketing Campaign

1. Connect Through Stories

As Seth Godin correctly quotes,” Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell”. This highlights the importance of storytelling techniques in the contemporary world. This technique has gained widespread popularity all around the globe because people are no longer interested in purchasing from companies that directly tell them to purchase. Consumers are more interested in connecting with the brands that have their own stories to tell that their target audience can easily relate to.

Hence, the first ingredient that makes a video marketing campaign successful is the effective utilization of storytelling techniques. This will assist in engaging with the target audience in your video content. In addition, it will also assist in forming a personal connection with the target audience. 

Once the personal connection is established, it can assist customers in retaining your brand easily which can enhance the possibility of converting your audience into leads and potential customers. 

Key takeaway: Business owners can use multiple emotions while creating video content in order to hook their audience. Various emotions such as humor, fear, and sadness can be triggered in the audience in order to connect with them and encourage them to make a purchase from your business. 

2. Collaborate with other brands and influencers

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”, this quote by Helen Keller highlights the significance of the second ingredient of successful video marketing campaigns, collaboration.

There are many successful collaborative video campaigns that are running across the digital world. This allows businesses to tap each other’s target audience and acquire new customers.

Moreover, the collaboration can be done within the brands, as well as brands can also do a collaboration with the influencers. As influencer marketing is rising, using influencers in the video marketing strategy would also be a great way that can lead to the effective delivery of your message to the right target audience.

Furthermore, it will assist in generating leads that can contribute to making your video campaign successful. When it comes to great business strategies for growing brands, you can rely on Speakingnerd without a doubt!

Key Takeaway: Businesses should always target to connect with the industry-oriented influencers rather than going for the overall popular influencers. This will assist in targeting the right and potential target audience of the business.

3. Create a spark with the first 8 seconds

A recent study by Microsoft concluded that the attention span of humans has just shrunk down to 8 seconds from 12 seconds. To simplify, while watching or reading any content, it takes only 8 seconds for the audience to decide whether they will continue further or not.

This implies that if your video fails to connect with the audience within the first 8 seconds, there are pretty good chances that your target audience will simply skip to the next video.

Hence, it is very crucial to make the first 8 seconds worthwhile because those 8 seconds will decide the further engagement of your target audience. It is essential that the main hook of the video is delivered to the audience in those first few seconds. To elaborate, the hook here refers to the main reason why your audience should watch your full video.

This will further assist in engaging your audience and delivering your message to the right audience that can assist in converting your audience into loyal customers. Altogether, this all will contribute to making your video marketing campaign successful.

Key Takeaway: It is always advisable for businesses to showcase their brand logo or name in the same time slot in order to increase the retention power of their customer toward their brand.  This will assist customers in remembering the brand which can also assist in enhancing the brand awareness of the company. 

4. Engage through video text

Did you know that 85% of the videos on social media are watched without sound? Interesting, isn’t it? But this also highlights another problem that arises, if people are watching your videos without audio, then how your delivered message is supposed to have reached your target audience?

The best possible solution for the same is that businesses can use the option of adding subtitles to their videos. This will deliver your message to the right target audience irrespective of the fact that whether they are watching your video with sound on or off.

Moreover, you can always add subtitles in the post-production phase of the video, and in fact, on some platforms like Youtube and Instagram, there is an option of adding auto-generated captions. This can save the creators the time and effort of adding subtitles.

Furthermore, adding subtitles in the video will effectively accomplish the main motive of a video marketing campaign by delivering the message to your target audience, this will contribute to making your video marketing campaign a success on digital platforms.

Key takeaway: Instagram allows its users to add auto-generated captions in more than 17 languages including French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Thai, Tagalog, Urdu, Malay, Hindi, Indonesian, and Japanese.

5. End video by navigating customers

Every business creates a video marketing strategy with a common objective of generating leads. In order to accomplish that, a business needs to provide a full-fledged pathway to the users to push them forward on their purchasing journey.

However, if by watching your video till the end, your target audience did not get the direction on what to do next, they will simply move to the other video.

Hence, it is essential for businesses to navigate the consumers about how to move ahead and make a connection with your brand. This is where the role of CTA will come into the light. CTA stands for a call to action which refers to the short phrases or words which are placed to prompt an immediate response from the users.

Moreover, adding a CTA in the video will assist in getting more clicks and responses which can enhance the chances of generating leads. To substantiate, as per the study by KISSmetrics revealed that the inclusion of a CTA into your video increases clicks by 380% when compared to a Call-To-Action placed somewhere else on the web page.

Key takeaway: Some of the popular examples of CTA are “Buy Now”, “Click on the Link”, “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” or “Shop Now”.  Adding such CTAs in the video will assist in triggering a response from the target audience.

To encapsulate, with the wide popularization of video marketing all around the globe, it is safe to say that video marketing is slowly becoming the need of every marketing strategy rather than just being a trend. Hence, it is essential for businesses to master the implementation of the key ingredients that will assist them in creating a successful video marketing campaign.

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