Top 4 Features of the Best Auto-responders

With the current evolution and transformation of diverse spheres of business, marketing has not been left behind. Technology has brought about very diversified and simplified channels to facilitate marketing. If you are a business person, and you have adjusted your marketing strategies from analogue to digital, you need to learn and incorporate these ideas, so that you can better your business. For you to operate in a stable, and more reliable way on the online platform, you need to have a auto-responder.

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The auto-responder’s database houses all the contacts of the clientele who contact you, seeking your services, or even making enquiries. From that database, you can be able to do a follow up on your clients, and also develop a rapport with them. In that way, they can become your regular clients. Furthermore, they even refer other potential clients to your business, and they also become your regular clients. The more your customer traffic increases, that is how sales also increase, and the same in reflected in the profits.

Email marketing

Instead of using a manual method of email response, you need to upgrade, and use an auto-responder to respond to your visitors. Good auto-responders give an answer to the visitor straightaway. Every kind of query and whatever a client or visitor sends to you, is responded to, there and then. Some of the functions that auto-responders do include:

  • Welcoming and appreciating new subscribers who join your list and congratulating them.
  • Verifying and confirming subscribers’ details.
  • Updating your clients and subscribers about current and oncoming events.
  • Wishing happy birthday to your clients and following up on the silent ones.
  • Appreciating clients who buy from you, by sending a gratitude message.
  • Sending E-books, newsletters and other publications to subscribers.
  • Notifying your clients when there is an offer and also sending them gifts.
  • Sending reminders to subscribers.
  • Welcoming subscribers aboard

When anyone decides to subscribe to a certain site, they do so because they have an interest, and they know that they will get what they want. It does not matter what kind of site it is. It can be an online platform that sells goods, or one that provides other kinds of services. When a subscriber signs up, they do all what they can, to get into that site. Therefore, it always brings a big delight to subscribers, when they finally get a message in their inbox, congratulating and welcoming them aboard to that site, after a successful subscription. Therefore, this is one of the features that an auto responder should never lack, because it sends a sure message to the subscribers, notifying them about their admittance and they feel valued.

Verification of subscriber details

During subscription to any site, an email address is always required. It acts a medium of communication between that site and the subscriber. Whenever the site owner wants to communicate with the subscriber, they use the email address. It is very important to verify whether the owner of the email is the one who has subscribed to that site, to avoid fraud and cybercrime. A criminal or an impostor can simply get an email address of anyone, and use it to sign up an account, with ill motives. If an auto-responder has a verification option, it serves the purpose of confirming whether the subscriber is the legitimate owner of that email address, because it sends a confirmation message to the applied email. If the subscriber does not know the password of that email, they cannot be able to open it, so that they can verify the required details by the site. Hence they cannot subscribe using false details.

Therefore, the verification email serves the purpose of doing away with impostors. Furthermore, if the subscriber uses a computer or a phone that has a certain IP address, and then the same account is logged into from another gadget that has a different IP address, the site owner’s auto responder system will be able to detect, and send a confirmation message to the subscriber’s email address, to verify whether it is them who have logged into their account, using a different gadget. Good and reliable auto-responders give fine details of what kind of gadget has been used to log into the subscriber’s account, the time and location of the suspected subscriber’s login in. If the subscriber answers that it is not them who have logged into their account with the suspected gadget, time and location, the auto-responder prevents that hacker from accessing that account. It plays a major role in preventing hacking of accounts and cyber crime.

Updating your subscribers

Your subscribers always want to keep at the same pace with your progress. They rely on the auto-responder, to keep them updated about what is going on in your company, organization or business. Whenever there is something new, they should be notified so that they can be well informed. That kind of frequent updates makes your auto-responder to be reliable because it keeps on updating and telling them what is new. All kinds of news that will impact positively to your business should be disseminated to your subscribers. It can be news like when there is an offer; when you subsidize your prices; when you hike your prices, upcoming and oncoming events, and other achievements. The auto-responder can also be used to send newsletters and reminders to subscribers.

Sending happy holiday, birthday, Christmas, New Year messages

You should ensure that your clientele, and all other active subscribers, are constantly kept in touch with, so that they can feel valued and wanted. Your auto-responder should incorporate some individual subscriber functions like wishing them a happy birthday. Some people are too busy in their lives to an extent that, they do not even remember when their birthday is due. It becomes a big surprise to them, when they get a happy birthday message, from their business associate. General messages for your subscribers include, wishing them happy holiday, Christmas and happy New Year messages, so that they can feel valued and cared for. When you keep in constant communication with them through your auto-responder, they will feel loved, and cared for, and it is not likely for them to be carried away by your competitors.

To recap, you should design your auto-responder, in a way that will enhance you to create a good rapport with your clients to maintain them. When they are served satisfactorily, they stick to you and even fetch other clients for you.

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