A Killer Guide Explaining Paid vs Organic Marketing

We all are well familiar with the marketing and its changing trends, importance played by it in businesses and how it can be used as a tool to promote your brand and put your business on new heights.

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Marketing can be defined as the business process to identify, anticipate and satisfy the customer needs and wants. As marketing primarily deals with customers that are the reason it has been of utmost importance for businesses. Now, when we say marketing then this is also further categorized as “Paid” and “Organic” marketing. Most of the marketers are in dilemma as to which strategy will suit their brand or will help them in the longer run.

Now, as both the techniques, i.e. paid and organic marketing are parts of the larger marketing arena, we will put before you a straightforward approach in defining both the terminologies and will help you go for the best suitable strategy for your business. As it has been decades since these practices are being used by affiliates and brand promoters on a large scale, it is necessary for you too to leverage benefits from these technologies. As the genie of the digital platform has come out of the bottle and is ready to serve you, it should be your call to use that to its maximum potential.

Well that said; first, let’s get familiar with these terminologies.

So, what is Organic Marketing?

As the term says, organic or that drives your customers naturally to you instead of pulling them via paid links. This type of marketing does not involve any cost and revolves around social media campaigns, word of mouth, content marketing, and search engine optimization among others.

But the cost involved in terms of time is high as compared to the paid marketing, as it takes time to build trust with the people, and once you are done with this, it would prove to be efficient in the longer run. In general, it is placed over the top of your marketing funnel in terms of customer retention. It involves publishing SEO optimized blog posts that are relevant to the product and services being delivered by you, and then these are shared on the social media handles that tend to draw users at your blog post hence to your business products and services.

On Contrast to that what is Paid Marketing?

The Paid marketing strategy is just opposite to what we have seen in Organic, in this method, usually, some amount of cost is involved but the content remains the same as inorganic marketing. In Paid marketing, the brand recognition id builds on a very fast scale as it directly targets the audience base that is appropriate to your brand or service offered.

It is put in front of the audience as an advertisement and on various platforms such as websites or social media handles. As the name suggests, you are paying for the ads and are compelling your audiences to click on those ads, so these are the parts of the marketing campaigns and is monitored on the quarterly basis, it is then analyzed on the basis of the cost spent by you on the ads and the revenue generated.

So, that all said about both the marketing strategies i.e. Paid and Organic, let’s see which one would be better for your marketing campaign.

Choosing a Rock Solid Strategy: Paid vs Organic Marketing

Frankly speaking, it depends on the business you are in and the competitors in the market. While both the techniques are the robust methodologies to drive your marketing campaigns, and it’s nothing like one fit all, while one strategy might work for one business and the other for other businesses. But to get the full benefits of your marketing campaigns, you must strike a balance between the two.

Both of the techniques stand on the two pillars i.e. Time and Money, so you must think to keep these parameters in mind. While at some point in time you will need both the tools as both are overlapping at some of the other segments.

Well, that said, let’s look into some of the aspects of both paid as well as an organic marketing strategy, and compare them on the basis of the business needs and the ways they can help grow your business:

  • Now, if we consider Organic Marketing, then you should go for it if you have an ample amount of time at your disposal. If you have just started your business or you are an entrepreneur and lack financial resources, then you must compliment your business with the organic marketing strategy.
  • As the organic market takes time to make a kick start, and you have content at your end, then you can take advantage of the paid marketing technique to supplement organic marketing strategy.
  • In the case of Paid Marketing, as we have said that if your business is new or you have just started something new with your brand, then the paid marketing strategy will surely pave a way for you. The strategy behind the paid marketing is simply that it places your content in front of the suitable audience or who are the ideal customers for your brand.
  • While in organic, it was taking time, for your brand to get familiar with the audience and develop a trustworthy relationship, this factor is negated in case of paid, as your product is directly placed in front of the audiences who are more likely to click that.

Trying out a Blend of both the Tools

So, we have seen out there that how both the tools can leverage you with the best outcomes in different scenarios. But you should not completely rely on one strategy or get inclined towards one only. Once you have decided that whether you have money or time in your favor, initially start with that, but later on try adopting both the techniques.

While paid marketing will generate revenue and bring traffic at your end but for a short period, and as and when you will stop monetizing those ads, you will start to notice a downfall, so it is advised to go for a combination of both to gain a long term impact.

The Final Words

We have come down a long way discussing both the facets of a coin in dealing with paid and organic marketing strategies. Out of these things, the primary motive that should be kept in mind is your business goals; you have to put your business goal in the forefront of your marketing strategies to avail the maximum of these campaigns.

In contrast, when you discover that both the techniques fulfill your marketing funnel successfully then you can assume to have a perfect balance between the two. But as said, whichever lane you choose, never leave the organic marketing, because this is something that will build relationships with your customers that will last longer, and as when needed, keep on feeding it with paid strategy just to boost it.

So, you can always make changes as per your requirement and keep on fine-tuning and take advantage of content marketing which should be the nuclei of both the paid as well as organic marketing strategy.

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