6 Tips for Hiring the Perfect WordPress Developer for Your Project

Hiring the right WordPress developer for your project is one of the most critical aspects of creating a successful website.

Whether you are creating a simple blog, dynamic web presence, or even launching an e-commerce site, your developer is going to be involved with everything from design to development.

Thus, choosing wisely is essential for success. You want to find someone who is an expert in their field, enthusiastic about your project, and who also fits into your budget.

To help you out, we’ve put together 6 tips to help you find the ideal WordPress developer that will be able to meet your needs and help your business thrive online.

1. Create a project brief

If you are hiring experienced WordPress developers, they are sure to ask you to get your project brief ready prior to your first meeting.

You can note down the details of everything that you want the expert to do concerning your website. Start with the project’s scope. It can include background on what you wish them to do. This will help them decide whether or not they can finish your project in the given timeframe.

They will also let you know whether or not what you have planned is achievable by looking at your online assets.

The next point can include the buyer’s journey to allow your developers to gestate your site’s site map and structure.

Your project brief should also include your current design assets if you wish to have your site updated. And don’t neglect your brand’s message and also payment gateways if you want to accept payments.

2. Check Reviews and the Portfolio

You don’t want to settle for the first WordPress developer that you connect on a job portal. It is crucial to check the reviews and ratings.

For instance, if you visit Upwork, you can see the rating of different WordPress developers. 

Once you shortlist the developers on the basis of ratings, you can move on to their portfolio. You can choose a developer with the most consistent highest rating.

See how many projects they have completed and check out their published code on platforms like GitHub. It is best to hire those with a strong portfolio as it is an indicator that they will be able to deliver high-quality projects.

For checking out their reviews, visit platforms such as Dribble. If you research their profiles, you can gather other relevant information like case studies and their contribution to the WordPress community.

Or simply consider working with renowned WordPress VIP agency partners such as Multidots to save time and get the best results.

3. Don’t neglect soft skills

No doubt, your developer should possess tech skills. But it is equally essential that the developer has the right soft skills.

If your developer is a person you can’t communicate with or who doesn’t match your creative style, you won’t get the desired result.

Assess the developer’s communication skills, attention to information, confidence and independence, and ability to meet deadlines.  However, see that the deadlines you set are reasonable. 

You want someone you will be able to understand, work with, communicate, share your creative design, and give you the desired results.

4. Know the costs involved

Creating a custom website is definitely going to cost you though WordPress costs less as compared to some other platforms. Regardless, you should know the kind of overhead to expect.

Your expenses are going to depend on your project’s scope largely. For instance, the number of pages you require. Most of the developers will charge you by the hour. So, if your site is extensive, your cost will be higher.

The amount you spend is also going to depend on the complexity of your needs. If you want custom-built functionally, it will cost higher as compared to a basic WordPress blog, small storefront, and so on.

Finally, your expense will also be determined by the level of experience your developer has. The most experienced developers can charge you a higher fee.

5. Ask the right questions

Yes, you will be looking at portfolios of your potential candidates. However, while interviewing, you want to ask them questions to assess how much knowledge they have of WordPress.

For instance, you can ask questions such as: “Will you be able to design custom WordPress themes from scratch?”

While some developers will use HTML, CSS, PHP, etc., to design custom themes from scratch, some others will employ page-builder plugins. Though both methods will work, but it’s vital to know about their particular skill set. 

If you are not familiar with WordPress, you can always do some research. It will help you better communicate your needs to your developer.

Or you can also assign someone in your team who is familiar with WordPress to frame questions to ask the developer and also the answers.

Check out your potential developer’s website as well. Professional WordPress developers know that the smartest way to showcase their expertise is via their own website.

While browsing their website, you can use your project brief as a guide. The quality of work you see on their website is going to most likely reflect on your project.

6. Get References from People in the Industry

You should do some extensive research to find the right developers, but if you want to get the interview process started faster, it’s better to start by asking for references.

Hiring a freelancer can be quite risky. Sure, you can always use your gut instinct to perceive if a freelancer is reliable, but that would only take you so far.

And that’s where references and word of mouth will come into play.

You can ask about the developer from their previous customers or companies who they have worked with before. This way, you can get familiar with their work and work ethics and determine what they did, how much did it cost to hire the developer, and if the company would be keen to recommend them.


As WordPress is gaining massive popularity, it’s no surprise that the number of WordPress developers is also increasing. This makes it increasingly challenging to find the perfect WordPress developer for your project. It’s quite evident that not all WordPress developers are created equally.

Use these tips mentioned above to scythe through the lengthy list of WordPress developers and hire the one that aligns the most with your requirements.

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