Top 6 Blockchain Blogs Marketers Should Read

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have become synonymous in today’s times, with the advent of the latter. And as one’s popularity increases, so does the other’s.

However, it’s difficult for many to understand and distinguish the complex concept of Blockchain & crypto. But for marketers and industry insiders like yourself, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest updates and innovations in the field.

Since you’d be highly invested in the development and marketing processes of Blockchain-based technologies, it’s vital you keep track of all the advancements.

Another key reason for marketers or say Blockchain influencers to get their daily dose of news is to gain traction for your own merits, meaning you’ll get more endorsements from reputed organizations.

Blogs have been a godsend thing and a great source to get tons of information at free or a fraction of the cost. They are a go-to place for news, statistics, to get answers, and find relevant data. Most marketers read blogs to educate themselves as well as others to make an impact on the industry with their hard-earned knowledge. Through this knowledge, you can simplify the Blockchain ecosystem for non-tech-savvy people and influence them to make the right decision.

While we share the top blockchain blogs marketers must bookmark, read and follow, let’s first quickly recap why read blogs as opposed to other means of content.

Why Blogs?

A blog is essentially different from an article or a piece of news report in the sense that more often than not, it represents the opinion of the person writing it or of the site publishing it. It’s not just a cumulation of facts and figures but also includes the author’s sentiment in regards.

As to why reading blogs stands apart from the consumption of other sources of information, let’s have a look.

Being a Part of Citizen Media

As we established above, blogs are very different from any kind of traditional media available.

Be it newspaper articles or information shared by a particular website, they are all ultimately under the influence of the multi-billion dollar industries that govern their operations.

Blogs, on the other hand, are written and maintained by expert marketers and individuals to raise revenue or are funded by companies. But ultimately share the outlook of a section of the population.

So, when the readers begin to distrust the traditional media, blogs become a welcome respite.

Discovering Opinions

Although articles are all about sharing information, they oftentimes are an amazing source for marketers to find relevant knowledge. They form a bridge towards the exchange of opinions as well.

You can find multiple viewpoints regarding the same topic that provide you with a view of the different aspects of the idea.

While you may walk in with a certain set of beliefs in mind, you may walk out after a good read with either a strengthened stance or an alternative theory.

Looking for Specific Answers

When a person moves to a search engine to find something, they are frequently looking for specific answers to their queries.

Now this question could be anything ranging from ‘the best places to eat near me’ to ‘why is blockchain considered more secure’. In such cases, there might not be one right answer, but what there could be is a resolution of the same by an expert.

After all, a famous food blogger’s opinion would be more valued in the search for a good restaurant than simply a list in an e-magazine. Same way, a marketer’s opinion of why blockchain is more secure would have more authority.

Building Trust through Affiliation

It has been observed and well-noted throughout the years and decades that an individual is more willing to accept the ideas that are propagated by a group when they feel connected or affiliated to it.

For instance, if the blog is about a particular sport, fans from all over might be interested in reading it as it shares information about something they like. Since this association is then built, they might also visit not just for the content, but for the feeling of being a part of the clique.

Top 6 Blockchain Blogs for Marketers to Follow

Now that we have discussed why reading blogs for marketers is crucial to gain knowledge, let’s look towards this specially curated list of the top blogs in the field of blockchain.

While many of the blogs offer the latest news, some share facts, and few shed light on the world of cryptocurrencies that run on this tech.


With its origin tracing back to 2016, CoinSutra (founded by Harsh Agrawal) is a pioneer in imparting knowledge about the technical and continually advancing field of blockchain and the various types of cryptocurrencies.

Though originally meant to focus only on Bitcoin, they soon realized the importance of passing on the knowledge about each of these digital currencies and assets and expanded their purview in accordance.

With over 16 million readers, this well-known publication now shares information about crypto trading, wallets, and exchanges that marketers would love to read. Taking inspiration from the founder, many marketers are following in his footstep to start their own blockchain ventures too.


Also founded in 2013, CoinDesk quickly became one of the pioneers in educating marketers and even audiences from different backgrounds on the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets.

The Bitcoin Price Index that is famously sourced by several traditional media houses like the Wall Street Journal and CNBC was also established by them.

This publication is known to share essential information in this area through its various social media channels, podcasts, and live events that marketers would find useful.


With an aim to educate their audience about the world of blockchain technology, Cointelegraph was set up in 2013.

It initially began with publishing information about blockchain and crypto assets but is now a leading source for news about fintech trends that marketers would want to stay on top of.

Apart from the developments taking place in the centralized and decentralized spaces, it also reports editorial insights, expert opinions, and even comprehensive price charts for the various cryptocurrencies.


Instituted in 2016 in Toronto, Blockgeeks claims to be one of the largest blockchain education portals. It consists of not just blogs and articles but also over 1600 courses from around the world on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Acting as a training platform for digital currency enthusiasts, it shares an understanding of the technical concepts on which blockchain operates. Blockchain marketers are surely bound to get scarce knowledge and insights on the subject not available elsewhere.

Hacker Noon

With an international team of more than 15,000 writers, Hacker Noon is one of the prominent names in the technologist community.

They not only publish blogs with the objective of providing the latest news on crypto-based software but also invite developers & marketers to share their opinions and ideas about the same.

Launched in 2013, this popular site holds the attention of over 3 million monthly readers today.


This blog, as the name suggests, focuses specifically on anything and everything that happens in the blockchain sector. With an incredible and vast network of industry experts and professionals, Blockchain.News brings to its readers information ranging from the latest innovations in the field to insights by the FinTech industry’s leading names.

Partnerships with communities like InvestHK, Convergence, and Malta Blockchain Summit also ensure that accurate details are delivered by the platform.

Wrapping Up

What marketers ultimately need from any blog is news, ideas, and information strongly supported by the leaders of the field. And we assure you, with the wide net of experts that contribute to these sites, quality is one thing you wouldn’t have to worry about.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your reading adventures today and spread the word out!

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