Terms of service and privacy policy


The redirection service is provided by hrefshare.com at no costs (free for users).

Using hrefshare.com for spam or other illegal activities is forbidden. In case such activity is identified, hrefshare.com will report it to all the ISPs involved and to the proper governmental agencies.

This service is provided without warranty of any kind.

hrefshare.com takes no responsibility for:
- user entered content
- target websites content
- the content of advertisements displayed on hrefshare.com by its partners.


The operator of hrefshare.com is an interactive agency SITEIMPULSE located in Warsaw, Poland with its ofice at 29B Niedźwiedzia Street. www.siteimpulse.com Hrefshare.com is not collecting any personal data.

Users take all the responsibility for entering any peronal data in hrefshare.com online forms. Hrefshare.com doesn't publish the generated URLs anywhere.

Hrefshare.com is using cookies functionality - small text files stored on users computers - only to remember users' last social network choice.

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